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When it comes to our homes we depend on it to structurally safe and to protect us from all the weather elements we may face. The foundation is one of the components of the home that needs to be up to standard to keep the home safe. When looking into a foundation inspection these practices should be take annually and if you are buying or selling your home.


When our inspector comes to your home they will do a thorough inspection and cover these specific areas:

  1. Interior of the structure
  2. Exterior of the structure
  3. Look for damage
  4. Cracks
  5. Separations
  6. Leaning/listing walls or doors
  7. Sticking windows/doors
  8. or any other observable evidence of foundation movement
  9. Gutter system
  10. Grading around the perimeter of the home
  11. Vegetation and other site terrain features should be observed
  12. Inspect cabinets, doors, trim and walls – noting if they are listing or leaning

If damage, uneven floors or other signs of foundation movement are present, the inspector will determine the cause of movement. Some common causes include:

  1. Poor Grading
  2. Standing water near the foundation
  3. Active soils that have dried near trees/shrubbery

Home Inspector Lakeville | Home Inspection (952-583-3701)