Buying a new property is exciting, but don’t be wowed by the inclusion of a pool and forget the pool inspection! A poorly maintained pool or spa can not only suggest a poorly cared for home, it can also mean thousands of dollars in repair or reconstruction costs to make the property safe and functional for your family. Don’t get hosed by a lack of knowledge; instead, have a pool inspection conducted on your pool before purchasing.

Our certified pool inspector will conduct a visual inspection of the following areas during an inspection:


The inspection will be a visual inspection except when testing the equipment to check the functionality.

The inspector will look to see the pool is solid and leak free, pumps, heats and filters will be checked to see they are functioning properly, electrical, plumbing, deck surface, safety, covers, hardware condition.


The inspector will look for leaks in the pool and in the equipment. Some common signs of leaking is pooling water and cracks in the material made of the pool.


The inspector will make sure the pool is equipped with federally approved anti-entrapment covers on all suction outlets (drains) in the pool.


The inspector will check to see if there is fencing or other barriers around the pool to prevent children from wandering into an open pool area. All pools require functioning self-closing, self-latching gates.

All of our inspections include a detailed report with pictures of their findings and will be available to the customer 24 hours after the inspection.