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The water heater is an integral component of the plumbing system, heating and delivering hot water on demand. Our Certified Home Inspector will conduct a visual inspection of the home’s water heater and supporting systems during your Home Inspection. The inspector will cover these significant inspection points:

​​#1) Inspecting the Temperature / Pressure Relief (TPR) Valve: The Temperature / Pressure Relief Valve is designed to relieve pressure at a designated PSI (pounds per square inch) or temperature. Under normal operating conditions, water should not discharge from the TPR valve, as this is a safety component designed to alleviate pressure and heat within the system from causing serious damage or injury.

#2) Locate and Inspect the Cold Water Supply Valve: This shutoff controls the supply of water to the water heater, and is typically located along the cold water piping to the tank. In some cases, there is a separate valve near the water heater which serves as a shutoff between the water meter and the water heater system.

#3) Locate and Inspect the Gas Fuel Shutoff / Sediment Trap: Every gas-fueled system in the home requires a shutoff within sight or in the same room as the equipment, the water heater is no different. The inspector will look to see if the shutoff is cleared labeled or marked (typically in red). The shutoff is a required component of the gas-fueled system, as well as a properly installed sediment trap or ‘drip leg’.

#4) Visual Inspection of the Tank and Components: The inspector will look to see the  draft hood for the system exhaust is centered, and level. Proper venting material should be used to route the exhaust to the exterior of the home. The inspector will note any corrosion near the base of the tank, the pipe and tank connections, and the overall condition of the tank.

In addition to the key components above, the inspector will also inspect where the shutoffs are located, how the exhaust is directed to the exterior of the home and if safety devices are properly installed. The inspector will give a detailed report of the findings and conditions of the water heater along with pictures. The report will be provided to you within 24 hours or less of the completed inspection.

Home Inspector Lakeville | Home Inspection (952-583-3701)